Coming Soon - womb and fertility massage

Coming August 2022

Offering Description

I am overjoyed to be bringing such a potent and expansive offering to Intuitive Birth. "The womb is the energetic centre of creative life force and feminine energy in the body, where we can birth all of our magical potentials from; whether that is birthing children, projects or ideas, and all that we wish to create in the world. The organs that reside within the abdominal region provide us with the breath of life that regulates the energy and blood of the whole body. The Hara, like the Womb, is also a spirit gateway and relates to the energy centres of our solar plexus and sacral chakra. Womb Hara Massage will work to repair, bring balance and restoration to these centres and awaken our creative birthing potential and life force energy." - Natalie, Institute of Feminine Arts Benefits of this massage can address various things, including: Pelvic pain Sexual trauma and abuse Menstrual pain and cycle-related challenges Digestive issues such as appetite, Constipation, gas and bloating Ovarian cysts Fibroids Endometriosis Lower back pain, sacroiliac pain, sciatica and tightness of the sacrum Organ prolapse Fertility issues caused by mental, emotional and physical reasons Energetic blockages caused by trauma in the body Difficulties getting pregnant Pre and post-menopausal Depression Anxiety Stress Stay tuned, or join my email list to be notified of when this offering becomes available. If you would like to go on the list to be notified and booked in as soon as possible, please email me directly at

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