Birth Preparation (available online)

Support, information and guidance pre-birth, for your birth

Offering Description

For those wanting the extra support and preparation throughout pregnancy, for your birth, I have created this little gem just for you! If you're thinking that having a doula or an extra support person in the birth space isn't what you're after, but still want the information, guidance and resources of a doula, this Birth Preparation package is the one for you. Throughout this time, we will spend up to 5 sessions together, plus a no-obligation meeting to ensure we connect well together. Things we may cover in these sessions include, but are not limited to: - Birth plan/preference document - Fear understanding and release - Body work (Stretching, posture, relaxation) - Mindfulness (mediation, breathing, journaling) - Understanding the medical model of labour (Stages of labour and what to expect for each) - The spiritual journey of labour - Labour positions - Partners role in labour - Postpartum preparation - Breastfeeding resources and information - Any and all questions you may have or require information around! There is no cut off period of when you need to contact me in your pregnancy timeline to be able to gain this support. The 5 sessions I've noted, can be adapted to suit your preference and situation. This can all be covered in our first meeting to ensure what you're after, I can offer. “There is a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong." — Laura Stavoe Harm I am here to remind you of that strength, what is innately within your body, mind and soul and to teach you tools to tap into that which has always been yours! During the stress of the worldwide pandemic, I am making this preparation available online also. The added stress of the external world may impact your experience to an extent. However, you are still more than capable in creating the positive birth experience you want, and enjoy every minute of it. Mindset and daily practices play a role in attaining this. Support is never too far - call on what you need and want for your experience, without hesitation. I can't wait to hear from you!

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