Birth Doula

Support for a conscious and connected experience

Offering Description

Each woman and baby have different needs and wants for this experience. My support as a birth doula adapts based on this, as no two experiences are the same. What is important to me is that you are supported and held in the ways that best suit you. That you have the space and time to take this experience for all it can offer you and your family. Pregnancy, birth, and becoming a parent are innately spiritual events. When we quiet the outside noise of the modern world, the need to hustle and bustle, the never-ending to-do lists, we can return to our centre and bask in the transformative bliss offered. As your doula, my main role is to create a space where you can cultivate your self-trust. Trust in your body, your baby, your partner, and the experience that is unfolding. This can be carried out in many forms, but below is an idea of some things we may do in our sessions together: - Birth preference conversations and document building - Relaxation tools - Educational resource - Fear release, meditations, visualisations - Bodywork exercises - Preparing partners or family members for the experience - Organisation for a supportive postpartum - Conscious connection exercises - Connecting with one another What to expect from my doula support is, but is not limited to, 2-3 prenatal sessions, on-call from 38 weeks, birth support, follow up postpartum debriefing and support at least once, and contact throughout this whole period. I love getting to know the women and families I work with, as I feel this is an important component of you feeling safe and comfortable. It isn’t unusual to sneak a few coffee and breakfast dates, walk and talks, or over the phone chats when working with me! As we get to know each other and work through the pregnancy together, we will have more of an idea of how you would like me to support you through your birth. So, don’t worry if you’re currently not sure what you’re after! I hold great value in paying acknowledgment to the emotional and spiritual journey pregnancy and birth takes you on. This is a severely undersupported component within our Westernised systems that I hope to bring light to for each and every woman I have the pleasure of supporting. Book in a no-obligation meeting through my websites (under services) to chat further about how I can support you and this magical journey you are on.

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