Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung Belly Binding to aid in post-partum healing

Offering Description

Belly binding is evident in various traditions and cultures, each with their own unique process and technique. Though it has been practiced for centuries, it is only in recent years that the women of the Western world have tapped into the amazing benefits and power that belly binding can offer. The Bengkung belly binding method originates from the Malaysian culture, traditionally worn for 44 days post-partum. It includes the wrapping of the postpartum abdomen from hip bones, all the way up to the sternum. This long piece of fabric is often muslin and knotted along the front of your torso to keep secure. Its main benefits include, but are not limited to: - 360-degree support - Assists in abdominal wall muscle retraction - Improves posture - Stabilizes loosened ligaments - Provides support for vital organs to return to their size and position - Emotional support: I feel it is underappreciated how much of a woman’s emotions and experiences are stored in the abdomen/pelvic region - Supports the body’s natural spine and posture realignment - Encourages the excess water and air in the tissues and cells to expel - Prevents slouching while feeding Due to the hustle of the modern world, it can be impractical to wear this in a period of 44 day confinement. For the benefits above, I recommend wearing this for at least 5-10 days, and 6 to 12-24 hours each day. You have the option to have me come to your home each day to rebind your abdomen, or I can teach you and your partner to continue to rebind on your own. You will have the belly binding panel, wrap and paste supplied to you. My FAQ page has more information on the Bengkung belly binding method, the benefits, the contraindications and what you can expect. A note on Cultural Appropriation Throughout my training, both as a doula and through BreeAnn Moore’s belly binding training, cultural appropriation is a topic thoroughly discussed and understood. I do not claim to offer the traditional Bengkung belly binding practice, as that is of sacred tradition to the Malaysian culture. I have made every effort to ensure the credit for these techniques go to the Malaysian culture and pay respect to my teacher and her mentors for allowing us the knowledge of Belly Binding to share with woman as they endeavor to support their healing.

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