Independent Childbirth Education; Why and where can you find it?


If you are in the western system during your pregnancy and birth, it is common for you to be offered hospital childbirth classes to help get you more informed with the process, and what's available to you.

During the time of COVID19, many of these classes are being conducted online taking away the chance to get to know the staff and socialize with other couples. These classes, unfortunately, also lack a huge part of education when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and the physiological processes.

I strongly encourage all my clients, friends, and family members who are expecting to birth, to find an independent childbirth education class. This is for both parents and gives you an invaluable amount of knowledge, confidence, and tools. I can confidently say that if you complete one of these classes or courses, you will have a more positive experience in your birth.

That is not to say that everything will inevitably run smoothly and in accordance with your plan, but you will know that you went into the experience with complete understanding and endless techniques and skills, and knowing if all of that did not change the outcome, that outcome would have happened either way.

I wanted to lay out a few local (within 50km of Wollondilly, NSW, Australia) childbirth educators so you're able to locate their classes, prices and schedules.

Hypnobirthing Australia

I have done some training with Hypnobirthing Australia and truly cannot recommend it enough. Here are some trained practitioners in and around the area to contact for some classes!

Katie Molley - Rock Your Birth

Buxton NSW



Belle Nicholas - Little Maia Wellness

Camden NSW



Christa Buckland

Gregory Hills NSW




Calmbirth is another great program for parents to be to learn about the physiology of birth, relaxation techniques, pain relief, and the partner's role during the birth. I haven't trained in this program myself, but have heard really great reviews from many friends and clients.

Jessica Cuneo - Calmbirth with Jessica

Camden NSW



Southern Highlands Calmbirth

Mittagong NSW


4871 1806

Educators Profile | Calmbirth

Illawarra Birth Classes

This is another great business, run by Alyssa and Amelia, that offers a couple of different classes. The Empowered Birth Preparation class is great for expectant parents. These classes are held in Port Kembla and often run on Saturdays or Sundays.

This class goes from 9 am to 5 pm and offers a huge range of information, skills, and tools for both you and your partner.

They ensure their classes are smaller sizes to offer a fun, interactive, and relaxed atmosphere. This also helps you ask all the questions that pop into your head and leave with all the answers you're after!


0411540617 (Alyssa)

0416180207 (Amelia)


The better informed you are about your choices, the natural processes of birth, and your rights in the birthing space (especially in the hospital setting), the more confidence you will have going into your birth and the better outcomes you will experience.

Whether you're in your earlier days, or closer to EDD, start thinking and researching the amazing classes and teachers in your area! I promise you won't be disappointed, no matter which independent class you take.