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Welcome to Intuitive Birth, where I focus on the practical application of the transformational experiences our bodies and minds undergo throughout pregnancy. I encourage the practice of reconnecting back to our bodies' instincts - instilling confidence in taking the leap and putting faith back into our female abilities.


At Intuitive Birth, I'm deeply in tune with the notion of growth through living life more intentionally. Extraordinary possibilities are on the horizon. Sometimes we just need the courage to explore this connection to our inner selves and the natural world around us.

No matter what, pregnancy and birth unravel a spiritual event. However, without awareness and intention, much of the magic can be missed and substituted for the stresses of our modern world. I want to ensure you take this experience for all it can offer. Not just for now, but as it flows into your journey of parenthood.

Within many Westernised systems and institutions, we are lacking a great deal of support and education for the experience of pregnancy and birth, well into postpartum. Historically, women and girls in the community or tribe would be the support system for those coming into motherhood and as their young continued to grow. We have stepped too far away from this, and within my services, I do my best to reinstate this community of aid and love. 



About Me

Outside of my work, I’m a fan of reading books, connecting with and exploring the natural world. As a genuinely curious individual about our minds and souls, you’ll often find me reading or listening to pieces that enlighten my understanding.


Holistic modalities are a big part of my life. For the best part of 10 years, I lived with chronic pain located in my womb. After eventually reaching my limit, I expanded my mind to understand, acknowledge, and ultimately begin healing my mysterious trauma. I genuinely believe that the value this expansion holds provides our bodies with infinite connections, and I want to share these practices with you.

I live my life from a place of intentionality. I spend great time and energy on learning the varied experiences of females throughout all life phases and find that the rites of passage of women are a potent time for remembering who we are at our core and resetting this as a priority. 


I apply these practices I have learned to live a more satisfying life and bring this knowledge forth for all my client's experiences and the wonderful connections we make along the way. 

If you would like to take this journey together, expand possibilities and invite depth to your pregnancy and birth, contact me below. I am so excited to connect with you

























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