"I have unwavering faith, intense love and an ongoing desire to learn and educate about the female body, mind, spirit and all that we are capable of... the world that we hold inside ourselves but are taught to hide"
- Cara

Intuitive Birth
Support for a conscious and connected birth

Hi there,

I am so glad you are here

It's time to take what is yours, to feel supported and confident in your ability as a birthing woman

To remember that your birth is more than about your baby, your birth is about YOU. Though a baby may be born, so are you as a mother
(and those becoming fathers)


We have fallen prey to the notion that as long as mother and baby are healthy, that is all that matters. This couldn't be further from the truth. This journey you are on, from conception to birth, into parenthood is nothing short of magic. It should be treated as such, just as you should be treated as the life-giving force you are


You have the say in what happens, where it happens, and why.

In fact, your say is the most important part

Through education, encouragement, safety, and guidance, you will gain clarity on what you wish for this experience, how to support those wishes, and bring them into the space of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood


There is great potential in this experience, not just for the expansion of the family, but for the expansion of self-love, depth in partnership, self-awareness, and creativity... for a new sense of wholeness

Together we will understand and navigate fears, limiting beliefs, and intergenerational conditioning to uncover your trust and confidence in yourself. I will support you as you unravel blocks and tension within the mind and body. We will set up a postpartum period full of nourishment, love, and surrender


We were never meant to do this alone, but we have moved so far from the community our ancestors had to help raise a child. With me as your doula, we will create this community of love, support, presence, and celebration. A community absent of judgment and shame

As your doula, I will hold your hand, encourage you, shine the light and revive the knowledge of your innate wisdom as a woman. I will provide resources, education, and insight to aid in navigating your way through this process. I will ensure your partner is included and as such feels seen and heard in their own journey

As your doula, I am your friend, your support, and always on your side

Together, we will create the space for the new, and for what was always

Read through my website, learn more about me, see my offerings, contact my social accounts, and email me if you want to have a chat about creating the experience of transformative bliss for you and your birth.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Birth has become an experience women have learned to fear. This fear builds on with each generation of interfered and neglected birthing women. I want to uncover the knowledge of your true path. A beautiful, transitional, blissful way to bring your creation earthbound. Through education, support, and encouragement, you will find yourself looking forward to your birth, rather than fearing it and feeling more connected to yourself than ever before.


Through the ongoing healing of my own body and spirit, I have learned invaluable lessons, lessons I want to share. Throughout my journey, I have discovered a connection to myself I never thought possible. 

It is the beauty in being a woman, the unwavering strength and perseverance we carry within ourselves, it must be acknowledged, encouraged, and celebrated. I am here to share how that is possible for you too. On my own conception journey, I have seen the expansive benefits of tapping into the unseen parts of ourselves and exploring this part of parenthood to its ends to gain full advantage of its insights. 



You've heard the phrase, right?
"It takes a village to raise a child".

The conception, pregnancy, birthing, and parenthood world offers an abundance of support through community. It is important that we come together, united, to revolutionize the birthing world and support one another through these journeys. This community can be found in the most unlikely places, or right in front of you. Check my resources for local businesses, communities, groups, or other offerings.  


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