When harnessed as the transformational experience it is, birth offers a portal for women to step into their full power, accessing the deepest parts of themselves to be reborn as the mother their baby chose them for

Intuitive Birth
Support for a conscious and connected birth

Welcome to Intuitive Birth, 

I’m so glad you’re here.

Your birthing experience is as unique as you are. As your doula, it’s my role to support you with education and alternative approaches so you are able to find clarity, deviate and make decisions based on what the best experience is for you and your birth.

As an advocate for your birthing journey, I’m considerate of all family dynamics and life experiences while offering an approach to pregnancy and birth that centres on the inherent capabilities of your mind and body. With a background in Psychology, I facilitate a safe space of continuous support for you and your partner and work alongside your care provider, whether that be a private midwife, hospital system, or obstetrician.  

When given the time and space to trust yourself, this moment is about more than parenthood. It’s an opportunity for you to remember your personal truth and power as you embrace all corners of your being. It can be a safe and non-judgmental place for you and your partner to find solace and homecoming, and you will find it here with me.


If working with me one on one aligns with you, please contact me so we can co-create some magic.

With love,


What Clients Say

"Thank you for being apart of the experience last night! It was honestly amazing and everything I could've asked for and more. You were the greatest support person and was so nice having someone to chat to after the birth was a wonderful end!" - Maddy and Brendan